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As Of 2022

I started as a senior reporter on health and medicine at Vox in early 2022. Click here to follow my work there, and here to check out the work of my amazing colleagues on Vox's health and science desk.

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My best WORK

On the coffeeshop where I got my first taste of adulthood (Atlanta Magazine); on trusting vaccines when we can't trust the companies that make them (The New York Times); on the maneuverings behind Georgia's disastrous data dashboard (Atlanta Magazine); on parenting siblings of kids with disabilities and the lessons to learn from Georgia's reopening during Covid-19 (The New York Times); on deciding to reopen Georgia in a data-free zone (Atlanta Magazine); on a Georgia county's efforts to pass a shelter-in-place order when its governor wouldn't (Undark); on the echoes of HIV/AIDS mistakes in the response to Covid19 (Xtra Magazine); on the hidden harms of cancer screening (Elemental); on the Black church and HIV (The New York Times); on America's beleaguered Public Health Service (Undark); on transgender healthcare as primary care (The Atlantic); on getting gender identity into electronic health records (Wired); on being a transgender cop in small-town Georgia (AJC).

Also good


On federal moves that could improve health equity in Georgia (Macon Telegraph); on Orthodox Jewry's pandemic response (Elemental); on Georgia's chronic underfunding of public health (Atlanta Magazine).


Why a Macon, Ga. program that keeps kids out of court might be nearing its end (The Telegraph); on "Outbreak Culture" (Medscape); on the U.S.' patchy Covid-19 contact tracing (Elemental); on how the financial argument for violence prevention plays out in Jacksonville, Fla. (WJCT) and Macon, Ga. (The Telegraph); on Covid-19's risk to vulnerable children (The Telegraph); on the pandemic-time commutes of Ugandan healthcare workers and the oft-unsexy work of contact tracing (NPR); on preparing for, being canceled by, and testing for Covid-19, and on Georgia's data visualization mess (Atlanta Magazine); on Covid-19 responses in Sweden, ItalySouth Korea, and New Zealand; on "weird" Covid-19 complications and on home caretesting positive, and being contact-traced for Covid-19; on the no good, very bad retail pharmacy industry; and on why you get hangry (Elemental); on LGBTQ disparities in Covid-19doulas for queer birth, being out in the health care workplace, and aging with HIV (Xtra).


On peer mentorship and HIV stigma (Undark); on marijuana and female libidoanonymous genetic testing, and Walmart's foray into rural mental health care (Elemental); on #MeToo, midterms, and sex ed and on the lawsuit that could change transgender care in the Southeast (KHN); on Atlanta's first urban food forest (Atlanta Magazine); on the rural relevance of Georgia's legal challenges to transgender health insurance exclusions (NPR). 


On LGBTQ girls' increased risk of pregnancy and the math on transgender murders (CHJ); on physician refusals of transgender patients and telemedicine's expansion of access to care for transgender folk (Vice); on challenges to expanding telemedicine for rural transgender folk (NPR); on digital detox/non-tox (Woolly); on an Atlanta neighborhood's gem of a history center (Atlanta Magazine); and on the tiniest, witchiest theme park in Slovenia (Atlas Obscura).


On FDA approval of generic PrEP, fertility issues while trans, and how medical education is changing transgender healthcare (Vice); on other diagnoses doctors should consider during an Ebola panic (Medscape); on the lifesaving potential of syringe/needle exchanges (GHN); on transgender healthcare as a medical specialty  (HuffPo); on pulling doctor privilege (Medium); on covering transgender health as a straight girl (CHJ); on kosher haggis (Roads & Kingdoms).


On a game-changing new typhoid vaccine (Medscape); on circumambulating a Scottish Isle (Paste); on doctors' waning patience for recertification and Wisconsin's Elizabethkingia outbreak (STAT); on climate change and flesh-eating infections (Dallas News); on Zika and disability stigma (Dallas News); on doctors who don't prescribe PrEP, America's stratospheric homophobia levels, a California to require condoms in porn, Cuba's rising HIV rates, and Hawaii's dengue-friendly shores (Vice).


On condoms in porn (Stat), the wildly persuasive elective IV business (Vice News), and why doctors should go bare below the elbows (Canada's National Post).



I've appeared as an expert on local public radio (a WABE podcast, GPB's Political Rewind, and Athens News Matters), the BBC, the CBC, MSNBC's The 11th Hour, WNYC's The Takeaway, Michael Smerconish's Sirius XM show,, Mark Thompson's Make it Plain podcast, and several local TV news programs.

I appeared in Georgia Public Broadcasting's What You Need to Know video series to talk Covid-19 testing and drug treatment trials in pandemic times, and on the On Second Thought radio program to talk about health inequities magnified by COVID-19.


I used to co-host a radio show where once a month, I interviewed mostly local people doing interesting things. You can listen to the archives here:


On how disability isn't just bad luck           (CUIT 89.5FM Toronto); on Ebola's effects on U.S. healthcare workers' attitudes (TVO's The Agenda); on doctors' filthy white coats (package           and interview         , CBC); on whether cold weather causes colds          (say it five times fast, CBC); on home remedies for the common cold                    (CBC).

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Keren Landman is a physician, epidemiologist, and journalist who covers topics in medicine and public health. She is trained in internal medicine and pediatrics with specialties in infectious diseases and clinical microbiology, and served as a disease detective at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As a researcher, she has focused on the prevention and treatment of HIV and malaria in resource-poor countries, and she has worked as a medical epidemiologist and science advisor for a range of public health institutions. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia. If you must, you can view her CV here.

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Interviews with me about my path, my work, and my tastes have appeared in Small Planet's Rocket Science series, and in the One More Question newsletter.

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